1973 Porsche 911

Originating as a 1973 911T with 64,000 original miles, the original donor car to this project came equipped with a sunroof, factory air conditioning, ā€œSā€ trim, power windows, front oil cooler and five-speed manual transmission. Its prior owner sent the Porsche to Redline Service in Tucson, Arizona where it underwent a full, four year restoration where it was completely disassembled and the body was taken down to bare metal. Before the car was completely metal finished and prepped for paint, SC fender flares were butt-welded on to complete the RS look and finished the car in the Cayman S color Seal Gray Metallic, paint code 6B4/6B5.

Currently fitted with a custom built 3.0 litre engine from a later 911 SC, the powerplant is fitted with PMO carburetors.

Cross-drilled brake rotors and 964 brake calipers were also installed. The suspension was changed to that of a 911 SC with factory original Koni shocks and adjustable torsion spring plates in the rear. Cross-drilled brake rotors and 964 brake calipers were installed in both the front and rear. The fiberglass front spoiler, rear spoiler and deck lid were purchased from American International Racing. The dashboard was finished with a set of whiteface gauges redone by Palo Alto Speedometer of California. The carpets and German hounds-tooth Recaro seats were reupholstered by Tony at Autobahn interiors in San Diego, California.

To top off the interior, a rear seat delete with 911 SC lockable glove box doors was added. The project took four years and hundreds of man hours to clean, inspect, recondition or replace literally every part of the car, making it a truly unique and powerful ride for its next owner to enjoy on the streets or at the next Rennsport outing.

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